"What we achieve inwardly changes our outer reality"
"And on days that you don’t know what to choose…
choose your own wellbeing”

M.Sc Psychotherapy

NBHWC Certified Coach

I’m Shini Sahni, founder and principal coach at Nu-Re Wellness.

I specialize in translating evidence-based knowledge about mental wellness and lifestyle medicine into actionable recommendations.

Preventive mental health care and the field of lifestyle medicine are complementary as they both use therapeutic interventions as a primary modality for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

We focus on identifying intervention points for our clients before a noticeable decline in either mental or physical well-being develops.

The potential of positive psychology and it’s many frameworks play a unique role in the primary prevention of common psychological, emotional and physical health concerns.

The effort at Nu-Re is to create uniquely tailored programs that are deep, personalized and goal-focused to assist our clients on their journey to decreased incidence and severity of both mental and physical health and well-being concerns.

I offer uniquely tailored coaching programs ranging in duration from 1 to 6 months, customized to meet specific client goals.


Ready to take set goals and take actionable steps towards stress management and emotional dysregulation that form the root cause of most major health concerns

Ready to acquire tools for sustainable behaviour modification that supports your well-being goals

Willing to put in the effort to overcome your current health and wellness challenges, get a deeper understanding of your pain points and limiting beliefs and gain clarity on potential possibilities

Open to exploring different modalities, therapies and techniques that will best support your wellness journey

Looking for a trauma-informed, safe space that supports your specific mental and physical well-being objectives and remains goal-oriented from start to finish

Ready to work with a coach and share accountability towards meeting your health goals and take consistent steps towards your transformation





“Working with Nu-Re I rediscovered the difference between just being heard and truly being listened to. Having Shini as a coach has helped me grow as an individual and meet both my personal and professional goals step by step. She coaches with intention and expects high level accountability from her clients to the process and to the goals they have set for themselves. Her clients will always find her standing unflinchingly in their corner, supporting them every step of the way.”

Jyoti J. Vice-president, wealth management service New Delhi, India

“I’ve had the privilege of working with world-class coaches. Among these Shini stands out as extraordinary. She’s warm, grounded and intuitive and is able to see who you are at your best. She creates the space in which you not only achieve your goals but where you can be yourself more fully and more confidently and where you’re able to shine forth more brightly. Shini is the coach I would choose for myself.”

Kathleen Jones, Board-certified coach and lifestyle medicine professional. Colorado, USA

“Shini listens to understand and helped me determine my health and wellness goals and how to take steps toward achieving them. Thank you for the inspiring and supportive coaching sessions.”

Preeti B. Business Owner Boston, Massachusetts, USA

“I want to thank Shini for creating change in my daily functioning, in both small and big ways as needed that delivered the greatest impact at a time of immense mental distress for me. Mental health is so extremely important and if anyone finds themselves in a place where they need professional support, do not hesitate to reach out to Nu-Re Wellness. I will always be grateful for the sessions, the conversations and all the guidance and support. I wish Shini the best for everything to come.”

Kunal K. Business owner New Delhi, India


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